Special Christmas/New Years packaging! Vietnam Son La Arabica Coffee

200,000 VND per 500 grams

Perfect gifts for your family & friends at Christmas and New Year! We have fine quality Vietnamese arabica beans from Son La

Indonesian Rainforest Alliance Organic

275,000 VND per 500 grams

This rainforest friendly and organic coffee will be roasted medium-dark. Organic and Rainforest Friendly coffee tastes great and protects the environment.

Decaffeinated Blend

275,000 VND per 500 grams

This decaf coffee was specially blended by experts in Germany to provide a nice drip coffee or espresso experience.

Indian arabica AA Little Flower Nagambika Estate

250,000 VND per 500 grams

This coffee will be roasted our signature dark roast. We can adjust for your taste should you want it roasted lighter.

Peruvian Fair Trade Organic

275,000 VND per 500 grams

This will be our flagship medium roast. We can adjust roast to your liking if you want it darker.

Costa Rican SHB Olympia : Medium Roast

250,000 VND per 500 grams

A good Costa Rican coffee has a good body, often full, and a rich, robust flavor and crisp acidity.

Indonesia Sulawesi Toraja : Dark Roast

250,000 VND per 500 grams

The best Sulawesi coffee is Toraja, a multi-dimensional coffee that is grown in the southeastern highlands & known for its full-bodied richness.

Vietnam Dalat Arabica

250,000 VND per 500 grams

According to Starbucks, “Vietnam Da Lat has a bright refreshing acidity highlighting kola nut, toffee, and vanilla."

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